Tips for Renting a Party Boat

Holding a party in a boat is the coolest thing to do in 2018. As a matter of fact, several companies are banking on this trend to grow their profits. They are offering party boat for a rental that you should consider checking out. As the demand for these boats grows by the day, their rental agencies find that they have to filter customers in order to go with the most promising ones. The rising demand is, unfortunately, leading to a rising cost of boat rentals. The following tips will help you beat the price hikes.


Research well

You must research to find out the available Party Boat Rental Miami rentals so that you can pick the one that has the ability to provide a one of a kind experience to your party guests. Party boat rentals come in various sizes, and they will have so many features worth checking out. Come up with a list of what you want then use it for doing your research.

Have a high & low price range

BOAT 3You cannot get something that fits your needs unless you have a budget. You want to impress your party guests while also ensuring that you do not break the bank. After throwing money to host a party on a boat, you have to think about the aftermath as people’s impressions change. Many people prefer doing parties on boats as a way to impress clients. Not to mention that it can influence them to open their wallets for future investments. It is a good idea, but you must make sure you are operating within budget so that you remain at peace during the party. You would not want to be a party host who is always thinking about the extras that people are touching which could significantly add to the cost of the boat rental.

Be sure of the expenses involved

For many people, renting a boat is all about getting the boat. Most companies make it look this way, but boat rentals are different than car rentals. In the case of boat rentals, you also have to consider the extras just as you would in a hotel room. Some services are catered for in the renting fees while others will attract an out-of-package rate. Sometimes these out of package rates can be very high. For instance, when you rent a boat for a specific time and exceed that time without renegotiating your rental, you will have to part with hefty penalties. Always pay attention to the fine print when you are going to rent a boat for a party.


The tips for renting a party boat as outlined above are quite effective when you start early and have the necessary checklist items with you. If you involve an event planner in your party, also take them through your options for renting the boat to get the best results with the most affordable option.

Throwing The Perfect Sweet Seventeen

The seventeenth birthday is always special and is mainly celebrated luxuriously. Sweet seventeen parties are known to be legendary, as it marks the transformation of a tween becoming a teenager. However, planning the perfect sweet seventeen party can be overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with high school activities at the same time. Listed below are the basic first steps that you’ll need to do to help you get started on preparing your sweet seventeen party.

Plan the right date

Most of the people you invite will probably be fellow highschoolers like yourself, and a lot of them might not want to party on a school night. You’ll also have to consider school events such as possible examinations or sports matches. The best decision would be to throw your party on the weekend. You also have to make sure that none of your friends is having a party at the same date, so your guests won’t be torn apart between two events.

Hire an event organizer

If you have a lot of schoolwork and after-school activities, you might not have enough time to organize your sweet seventeen party by yourself. There are a lot of event organizers who are experts at throwing sweet seventeen birthday parties. They’d be available for consultation on what theme you want and what kind of entertainment you want. They can also adjust the expenditures to your budget. All you have to do is tell them how you want your party to be executed and how much you are willing to spend for everything.

Decide on a location

Event organizers might be able to suggest a few locations, but in the end, you will be the one to decide. You need to know how many people you are going to invite to determine the location. Make sure it isn’t too far from your area, or else your guests might have trouble figuring out how to get there. You also need to adjust the location to the type of entertainment you’ll have.

Hire security

Parties will never be free from safety risks. If you have enough funds and you know your party will be big, it’s best to hire security so that nothing wrong will happen during the party. You can request a local officer to patrol around your party’s location during the event. You can also have Fire Watch Guards ready to be alert if ever a fire would occur. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.

Best self help books

Several categories of best self help books exist in the market today. These books have been written based on the experiences of successful people in the society or by experts with valuable insights on how to develop and grow as an individual. Self-help books contain information that can help you get out of your current undesirable situation to more improved state. These are some of the best self-help books that you can read:

Self-help books on financial success

Even though it may not often be stated, financial success opens the doorway to other different types of achievements in life. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, individuals have to satisfy lower level needs before meeting higher level needs. Some of the basic human needs include shelter, clothing, and food. To satisfy these requirements, a person requires money.

It is only after the basic needs have been met that an individual can pursue needs such as belongingness and love. Financial success is, therefore, an essential source of happiness for many people because it creates the platform for achieving other goals in life. Self-help books on how to attain financial success are, therefore, some of the best self-help books that an individual can acquire and read.


Self-help books on general human well-being are equally important. They seek to offer insights on how a person can become healthy comfortable, and happy. Such publications provide information on how you can improve your state of mind and have the mental clarity and strength to pursue your individual goals. They help individuals to choose what to focus on in life to avoid being unhealthy and unhappy. Wellness is key to achieving several goals in life hence the reason why such self-help books are excellent reads.

Dealing with challenges

Life is full of ups and downs. People are often faced with numerous challenges and uncertainties that make it difficult to achieve goals and dreams. However, these problems can be encountered and dealt with. Many people tend to make the wrong decisions or give up when the road seems too tricky. Self-help books can help you to deal with challenges and improve your life.

They can offer encouragement and provide the drive needed to go after your goals. Self-help books written from personal experience by successful people in the society are usually the best read when looking for information on how to deal with challenges.

Love and relationships

Self-help books talking about love and relationships are essential. Love is a complex issue and more often than not many people find themselves in undesirable mental states because of it. Self-help books can help you deal with romantic love and the challenges that come with it. Such books can also help you to build a stronger union with your partner and have a happy and healthy relationship.

Self-help books touching on relations can also help you navigate the difficulties that come with interacting with people from different backgrounds and with varied interests.

These are some of the best self-help books that you can acquire and read. They can help you grow and develop and, therefore, lead a more fulfilling life.


Powder Coating Supplies And Application Guide

Powder coatings business has grown to emerge as the finishing choice for heavy equipment industries, electronics and even outdoor appliances and recreational products. This industry has taken large strides in a short period because powder coating is almost an essential in all aspects of production and display of different products. Some of the reasons why most people prefer powder coatings are because they are solvent-free, low overall costs and they are very simple to clean.

powder coating guideBeing a multi-billion business in the entire world, it has grown to become a part of our lives. This is valid because we need to everything right from our household items like bicycles to heavy machines. The main aim of powder coating is to protect various items and also give them an attraction and style. It is a flexible, highly protective, durable, and cost-effective method of coating items. In fact, proper spraying approach and maintenance are significant in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of every powder coating process. For more information, continue reading the powder coating supplies guide below.


For an effective and efficient powder coating, you must prepare the substrate properly. Great care must be taken when preparing the substrate preparation because it is a paramount process for a good looking and effective powder coat. Always remove all the dirt, dust, grease, oil and make sure the surface is as clean as possible. Coating with dirt will strip down the coat later. Also, remove the previous coating before applying the new one. Therefore, make sure the texture is smooth and clean as possible before applying the powder coatings.

Powder application

Powder coating is either done by electrostatic spraying or through the fluidized bed. For the electrostatic spray method, one applies the coating powder through the use of a special spraying gun. This powder spraying gun gives the coating powder an electrostatic charge. The charge bestowed on the powder by the gun makes it stick on the grounded surface. For the fluidized bed method, the targeted surface is first heated and then dipped in a hopper that filled with fluidized coating powder. Due to high temperatures, the powder melts the immediately and sticks to the part being coated. However, you still require doing a post cure to make sure that the process is effective and efficient.


As aforementioned, this is normally the last step for powder coating. You bake your coating powder and make it melt for easier flow. Ensure that the product is in the form of a continuous liquid film before curing. Making a continuous and uniform liquid film allows the powder to fill the surface evenly. However, the type of the powder determines how you will do your curing. Some of the thermosetting powders are required to undergo a chemical cross-linking. Proper curing ensures that the powder is durable and impact resistant.

Powder storage

powder coatingEach powder coatings must be stored in a cool and dry environment. The ideal conditions for storing your powder coating is at a place with less than 80 degrees. Also, the storage facility should be dry. Therefore, the amount of humidity should not exceed 50 percent. Also, remember that there are low-cure powder coatings which require cooler temperatures than the regular ones. Therefore, ensure that you study your region’s climatic conditions to avoid damages. Storage also depends on the packaging of the powder coatings.

8 Criteria to Consider in Choosing the Right Web Design Agency for Your Website

Your website represents your company and your brand to an audience that draws visitors from around the world. You need a site that conveys your brand advantages accurately and compellingly and provides a full view of your company’s products or services. When you choose a agency to visualize, program and write content for your site, examine these eight criteria to assure that you receive the service you want and the results you deserve.

Working Together

How will you communicate with and direct the work of your web design agency? By e-mail? By phone? In person? Through web conferences? If you prefer one of these methods over the others, look for a web design agency that will interact with you on your terms. If you want a collaborator you can meet face to face, look for a local firm or one that offers online conferencing.

Once you determine the “how” of your working relationship, evaluate how well you interact with the firms you’re considering. Do you feel a sense of rapport, interest, and attentiveness? Are you concerned that you’ll be just another client? Develop a good understanding of how your project will progress and whether you’ll enjoy the process.

Time and Money


Urgency adds cost. So does advanced mastery. Expect to pay more for a quick turnaround, especially if your site needs unique features or special programming. Before you engage a design agency’s services, however, verify the basis of their pricing and how soon your site will be ready. Don’t be surprised if the firm offers you a general cost estimate or a price range. Ask about charges for edits and additional features, and verify that you’ll receive a firm price quotation before work begins.

Uniqueness and Skill

Review the agency’s portfolio. Do you see signs that the firm creates a series of cookie-cutter sites, all based on the same visual theme? Do the same or similar stock photographs pop up repeatedly? Or does each section stand out on its own merits as an individually created expression of an equally individual client brand? Web design agencies that recycle the same look, feel, and functionality for every site they build fail to capture the unique essence of each client.

Design Aesthetics

In addition to verifying the uniqueness of the sites portfolio, look at the aesthetics of the sites they create. Do you see work you’d be proud to display as an expression of your brand? Does the use of color match individual clients’ identity and image? Do pages read smoothly, with good progression among page elements? Web design agencies that understand and use design principles efficiently can create attractive sites that demonstrate good flow, a critical factor in determining how long visitors stay on the page.

Well-Designed Navigation Features

Check the navigation features of the web design agency’s work. Look for bright, functional combinations of menu items and other elements that direct the visitor to specific site features and content. Do the agency’s sites focus on overly bright designs that leave the visitor confused as to how to find information or move from page to page? Placing aesthetics over functionality can yield pretty sites that compromise the delivery of information and the retention of site visitors.

Web-Programming Mastery

Verify that the web can handle the types of web programming you require. Do you need a payment gateway? An advanced user interface to accept customer input? Do you deal with personally identifiable information that you must protect? Ask to see examples of the web design past work that demonstrate their strengths in the specific programming areas your site must incorporate.

Client Focus

Some web design agencies specialize in serving clients in specific market segments or business niches. For example, they may focus on dental practices, marketing firms, attorneys, online retailers, or some other particular type of client business. That kind of specialization can offer significant advantages if your company matches their focus, because their experience can give them insights into your needs. Verify that the web design agency doesn’t work with your competitors, however, to avoid stepping into a conflict of interest.


If you’re planning to ask the web agency to write content for your site, read carefully as you review their portfolio. Does a member of their staff create text for their clients? Do they subcontract the work? Will a professional writer who’s a native speaker of your language and dialect handle the task? Verify that any site content will look authentic and licensed.

Web design requires a combination of specific types of skill and experience. Keep these eight criteria in mind as you look for the right web design for you. Plan to audition a range of firms before you find the one that can make your online vision a reality.

Tips for choosing the right daycare

When your child is born, they are your life. You would want to spend each passing moment with them. When you are on leave, you can spend all the time in the world with them. But when you have to go back to work, you will want the best care for your child. Therefore, you should consider putting them in a daycare center for good care and company. It may be hard to leave your baby with someone else throughout the day for every working day. Probably the thought of leaving your baby makes you not ever to want to leave your baby at all. But trust me, you are not alone in this. There are a lot of working parents who work outside of their home and put their child in daycares. That means you are in good company. There are plenty of options regarding daycare. To find centers that will accommodate you and your child, here are a few tips in choosing one that is right for you.

Do some research

daycare environmentThe first step to take is to do a lot of research since you will want to put your baby in good hands. Search online for the best childcare centers. Get recommendations from your pediatrician or fellow parents. They will know what is up since they have experienced it or are currently going through it. List down some of their top picks. Find out about their amenities, facilities, and programs. Interview these centers. Call them over the phone to ask your inquiries. Research their prices since you will also want to stick to your budget. Check for reviews and references. Take some time to ask current or former clients about how their experiences are.

Schedule a visit

The best way to tell if a daycare is worthy or not is by dropping by. Schedule a visit with them and get a tour around the place. Observe how the staff are treating and interacting your child. It is important for the caregiver to have a good attitude and relationship with children since they will be the one handling your baby. Look for a stimulating environment, clean and healthy surroundings, safety measures, and happy children. Ask a lot of questions that you need to know. Trust your gut. If something does not feel right to you, it might not be right for your child.

Drop by unexpectedly

baby playingBefore making any choices regarding the daycare center to put your kid in, stop by unannounced. Visit the center without making any reservations. If the daycare prohibits unscheduled visits, take it off your list because there might be something fishy there. Dropping by unannounced and unexpectedly will give you a real and truer idea of what it will look like on any given day without prepping the staff.


Buying guide for garage door springs

After several years of use, some parts of your garage door will start to worn out, and that is the reason it no longer opens as it used to. Some parts get worn out because of excessive use, but others do so because of the weather conditions. One of the most used parts is the springs. They are the ones on which the door swings and therefore, they hold much of the weight. When they become faulty, it means that it is time to replace them. Garage Door Springs replacement is not something that you can just do carelessly. Remember that you want to restore the functionality of this door and therefore, you have to make wise choices. There are many things that you should consider, but the ones listed below are the most important.


Choosing a repair contractor

You should start by identifying the right company to repair door springs. This is the company that will identify the problems to determine the best actions. They will look at the amount of damage to decide whether to repair the existing springs, or replace them with new ones. The best thing to do is to look for a contractor that has experience in similar projects. This way, you can be sure that they have enough knowledge of the job because they have already worked on similar projects. Moreover, you also should choose one that will be professional throughout the project.

Finding high-quality replacement

When you have to replace the springs because the existing ones are not repairable, you should ensure that the contractor installs high-quality ones. Let them check those that came with the door, and replace with the same types. This is because every door has the kinds of springs that work best with it. Things such as size come into play too. At the end of the day, what you want is to make sure that you do not end up with poor quality springs that do not even serve the purpose for which you installed them.

Knowing how to take care of your new springs

Furthermore, you should know how to take good care of your new springs after they have been repaired or replaced. Sometimes, the reason why they get worn out too fast is that of the way you use them. Make sure that you do not expose them to harsh conditions. In addition to that, you may want to moderate the way you open the doors because after all, you only need to do so when parking as well as getting your car out of the garage. It saves you a lot of money and many other things when you can avoid calling in the repair contractors all the time.


For the best garage door repair services, ensure that the company you choose from the job uses the latest technology to do the work. This way, you can rest assured that they will detect all the problems, including those that are not related to springs.

How to choose a security guard company

Hiring the best security guard is a wise decision if you want to protect your entire family or your employees. However, it is essential to ensure that you know some of the things that you should consider when you are hiring this type of a company. It is advisable to conduct a research and at least know some of the things you should list down. Most people consider choosing these companies because they have a team of highly skilled security guards.

During your research, you are likely to know some of the best companies that you will choose. The best source you can rely on when selecting these Security Guard Companies is the internet. Due to the advance in technology, some firms have created their websites where you can easily find the kind of services they are offering. Therefore, you will read some of the customer reviews, and you will quickly know the best company to hire. The following therefore are some of the tips you are recommended to consider when you are hiring a security company.


lkiuytrdfdgvhbjkWhen you are choosing a security guard company, this should be one of the major factors you should remember to check on. Many cases are involved with security matters. Therefore, if you want to be on a safe side, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have considered a company that is licensed. There are some of the licensing authorities you can visit to know some companies that are insured or licensed. Never make a regrettable mistake of choosing a security firm that is not guaranteed.


This is also another important aspect you should put into an account whenever you are looking for the best security company. You must check the background of a group that you are interested in to ensure that they have professional and well-trained security guards. Check on their credentials and make sure that they provide legal documents only.


When you are choosing a security group, this factor should be on your list. Everyone needs a company that offers quality services. You can achieve this if you prefer a company that has enough experience. It is advisable to select or hire a company that has been in business for at least five to ten years. By doing this, you will always be protected, and you are likely to enjoy their services. These, therefore, are some of the factors you need to put into consideration when you are choosing a security guard company.

What you didn’t know about electronic cigarettes 

You have got to love the fun and thrill that comes along with the modern times. This is mainly because of the suspense. You simply do not know what to look forward. The surprises are out of the ordinary and out of this world. On to the main point, the cigarettes. You just love your cigarettes and how they keep you calm and relaxed. What if you were to try using it in a whole new setting? To be more specific, the electronic cigarette is definitely something to look forward. The real challenge surfaces when you cannot seem to find the right people to supply it to you.


Features of a good electronic cigarette

Whether you have been using them for the longest time or the first time, you will definitely need these features;

1. Long battery life. When we talk of electronic cigarettes, you are going to need batteries to keep the fire burning. How inconvenient would it be when you are at the peak of your pleasure moment only for it to go off. To avoid such kinds of uncalled for disruptions, you need to check on the batteries you use for your e-cigarette.

2. Affordability. You should not judge a good electronic cigarette from the hefty price you have to pay. Make sure that the electronic cigarette you are settling for is soft on your pocket. An expensive electronic cigarette is not a guarantee of the most quality products on the market.

3. Wide variety to choose from. Those that are into electronic cigarettes know that it is a basic part of your wardrobe. You would not want to be spotted using the very same e-cig from last week. All the more reason for you to check out the different products available.

How to get a hold of them

As much as they sound too good to be true, having access to them is the main problem. Most users have a hard time on how to find good suppliers of electronic cigarettes. No worries, what you need are effective hacks on how to land the very best. Do your research on line and see whether the options available are suitable for you. The best part about doing your research is that it has been made a lot easier for us. The on line platform will give you almost everything that you are looking for. The best ecig manufacturer and suppliers are out there, but maybe they also have no idea how to get clients like you. Start searching thoroughly and see how the results will amaze you.


Benefits of using electronic cigarettes

There has to be a reason why most people are flocking towards the sophisticated cigarettes and leaving the old ones behind. The benefits are insurmountable such as;

1. Their sophisticated look. You will even get suggestive nods from the public simply because you look like someone who knows what they want. Their stylish look is enough to attract a huge following from the public.

2. They are not as messy as the regular cigarettes. You can use it anywhere you want simply because of this reason. It simply gives you the freedom you need to open up even when in public.

Signs of decaying financial portfolio management system

Portfolio managers face an issue of prevalence of the legacy systems. For the last few years, investment advisors and consultants have been utilizing technology from spreadsheets to complicated customized systems. In fact, the industry has experienced immense growth and even enormous complexity.

Some of the challenges to face include varying accounting standards, increased security and regulation issues, short settlement cycles, and round-the-clock trading. Technology appears to change on a daily basis. Cheap, efficient, and smart norms are to be expected. In fact, they may not be an exception.

tgf2edfchwedu2In this era, data analytics, legacy systems, and business intelligence is likely to represent a lot of risk to your enterprise. Day-to-day operations need the ability to distribute, manage the process, and even report accurate financial data. Remaining behind should never be an option. The following are some signs, which can reveal whether you have got a decaying system and the way it should operate.

Signs of poor financial portfolio system

Difficulties in managing data

It is quite difficult to maintain data in various systems. Moreover, it can be quite complicated to move data from a given system to another. Can you identify the data? Is it complete, reconciled, and accurate among various systems? If the answer is NO, then you need to re-evaluate the platform.

Client communications

It is important to note that investors expect to report to be concise, clear, and customized to meet their needs. This is necessary for institutional investors. If a business can meet such expectations, then it will have a great competitive advantage. However, if your reporting does not deliver the level expected by your clients, then you run the risk of being left behind. Remember that the client expectations are not just limited to the content and form of reporting.

Difficult in integrating disparate systems

gwef6hedf8ci22Doing real integration is not just connecting systems. The systems must communicate to each other without any problems. The process of moving data manually from a given system to another will affect efficiency. This will increase the risk of errors.

Escalating compliance and legal costs

Asset managers face the challenge of complying with future and current regulatory requirements. You should note that the complex regulations make reporting systems become a liability rather than being an asset. Moreover, aggregating data from various systems for reporting is not only resource-consuming but also very risky.

Essentials of hiring logistics services

Nowadays, there are several activities involved in any particular business. From planning to production to product promotion, you have limited time to focus on other vital activities such as logistics services. You should note that businesses survive when their services and products get to consumers without stress or delay.

tg2wedfchywed87u22Thus, outsourcing logistic services can help reduce the burden of companies to a manageable level. This will leave the business with a lot of time to focus on other relevant activities or tasks. Leaving the task of transportation and storage of goods to a reputable logistics company improves both time and cost management for the business. The following are some top benefits of outsourcing logistic services.

Why outsource logistics services?

Renowned network

Third-party logistics have a large network of warehouse services, transporters, and much more. This is bound to benefit a business with a broad range of pre-established and vast chain of logistics network.

Adjustable needs

Every business has increasing needs over time. Such services are alterable and may be adjusted according to preferences and size of the future businesses. Thus, each business should have a pre-planned strategy and adequate resources to cater for growing business needs.


Some business owners just sit back and fail to focus on the process of storing and transferring goods to consumers because of the immense costs that are involved. Paying for transportations and setting up warehouses appears to be a costly expense. Fortunately, logistic partners are experienced and can deal with a broad range of projects. Moreover, they offer services according to your budget.

Time efficient

Ensure you hire a reputable company that has adequate resources to meet your logistics needs. In this way, they can transport your goods with minimum time and cost.

Unseen technology

tg2w3edfc6vh3we78du2Logistic companies have customized software and technology, which makes logistics process easy and convenient. In fact, from booking services to tracking goods in transit, every process is made easy with just a click. Outsourcing logistics services is a good idea for any organization or company. As you know, a business alone cannot provide every service to fulfill all its activities due to lack of knowledge and expertise. There is a lot involved in establishing your dream business. Every business is quite different, and its needs are quite different.

Outsourcing some tasks to professionals saves both money and time. From utilizing well-known networks to unseen technology, logistics companies can help your business grow.

Under The Hood Cafe

Winter Soldier Hearings in Austin, Texas. 1-5 pm, Saturday, February 28, 2009
Central Presbyterian Church, 200 East 8th St. (Brazos & 8th). Read more
Grand Opening in Killeen, Texas of Under the Hood, 1-5 p.m., Sunday, March 1, 2009

Under The Hood
17 S. College Street
Killeen, Texas

Now Open
5-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday
5-8 p.m., Sunday-Thursday

In the spirit of the Oleo Strut from the late ’60s, Under The Hood is a place for soldiers to meet and unwind. Under The Hood needs your donations!Uncle Sam wants you to make Under The Hood possible! Our Mission
To Promote:
the free and uncensored exchange of ideas and information among active duty and reserve military personnel and civilians.
To Provide:
accurate information, referrals, and counseling regarding the rights and duties of America’s service members under U.S. and international law.
To Entertain:
servicemembers, civilians, and their families with performances of music, dance, comedy, rap,poetry, and authors’ readings reflecting a wide variety of viewpoints.House Rules
Exchanging Ideas
Drinking Alcohol
Photography (without consent)
Insulitng or Offensive Language
After 9:00 p.m. persons under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.
We reserve the right to ask unruly guests to leave.

“ The Under the Hood cafe offers an oasis for members of the military to gather and talk of issues of importance.
I welcome the opportunity to meet fellow military in an atmosphere of peace and justice.”— Ann Wright, U.S. Army colonel (retired), official of the U.S. State Department (retired)From Ronn
During Vietnam, the GI antiwar movement got off the ground when civilians started establishing a string of coffeehouses around military installations.I’m genuinely excited that Under the Hood has finally opened. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward giving us what we need in order to take care of our brothers and sisters as well as organize a viable movement to help end these destructive, pointless wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you very much.
— Ronn Cantu, Former President, Iraq Veterans Against the War Chapter 38 at Fort Hood From Cindy
Who wants to really support our soldiers? And I don’t mean just putting a magnet on our cars or volunteering to do nice things for them.I mean who wants to help them by advocating for them and for us, the dependents? For the last few years we all know that things have been getting worse in our community, more so here at Fort Hood, since we are the biggest base. The divorce rate is at its highest, and so are domestic violence, suicides, rapes, etc.We, as spouses and family members, all know that one day our loved ones may have to go to war. Hell, a lot of us married our husbands after the wars started, but we loved them so much that we did it anyway, knowing that we might lose them. But did anyone ever think that they would not be taken care of if they came back wounded? I sure didn’t. Read more— Cindy Thomas, Under the Hood Manager