Powder coatings business has grown to emerge as the finishing choice for heavy equipment industries, electronics and even outdoor appliances and recreational products. This industry has taken large strides in a short period because powder coating is almost an essential in all aspects of production and display of different products. Some of the reasons why most people prefer powder coatings are because they are solvent-free, low overall costs and they are very simple to clean.

powder coating guideBeing a multi-billion business in the entire world, it has grown to become a part of our lives. This is valid because we need to everything right from our household items like bicycles to heavy machines. The main aim of powder coating is to protect various items and also give them an attraction and style. It is a flexible, highly protective, durable, and cost-effective method of coating items. In fact, proper spraying approach and maintenance are significant in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of every powder coating process. For more information, continue reading the powder coating supplies guide below.


For an effective and efficient powder coating, you must prepare the substrate properly. Great care must be taken when preparing the substrate preparation because it is a paramount process for a good looking and effective powder coat. Always remove all the dirt, dust, grease, oil and make sure the surface is as clean as possible. Coating with dirt will strip down the coat later. Also, remove the previous coating before applying the new one. Therefore, make sure the texture is smooth and clean as possible before applying the powder coatings.

Powder application

Powder coating is either done by electrostatic spraying or through the fluidized bed. For the electrostatic spray method, one applies the coating powder through the use of a special spraying gun. This powder spraying gun gives the coating powder an electrostatic charge. The charge bestowed on the powder by the gun makes it stick on the grounded surface. For the fluidized bed method, the targeted surface is first heated and then dipped in a hopper that filled with fluidized coating powder. Due to high temperatures, the powder melts the immediately and sticks to the part being coated. However, you still require doing a post cure to make sure that the process is effective and efficient.


As aforementioned, this is normally the last step for powder coating. You bake your coating powder and make it melt for easier flow. Ensure that the product is in the form of a continuous liquid film before curing. Making a continuous and uniform liquid film allows the powder to fill the surface evenly. However, the type of the powder determines how you will do your curing. Some of the thermosetting powders are required to undergo a chemical cross-linking. Proper curing ensures that the powder is durable and impact resistant.

Powder storage

powder coatingEach powder coatings must be stored in a cool and dry environment. The ideal conditions for storing your powder coating is at a place with less than 80 degrees. Also, the storage facility should be dry. Therefore, the amount of humidity should not exceed 50 percent. Also, remember that there are low-cure powder coatings which require cooler temperatures than the regular ones. Therefore, ensure that you study your region’s climatic conditions to avoid damages. Storage also depends on the packaging of the powder coatings.

Powder Coating Supplies And Application Guide
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