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Veterans raise awareness to access treatment for soldiers by Stephanie Jacksis. (KXXV News Channel 25, 11/11/11) “Veterans marched in Killeen’s parade on Friday to raise awareness about Operation Recovery. It’s a campaign aimed to help soldiers access treatment for psychological issues.” Watch video

Operation Recovery and Hoodstock III by Alice Embree. (The Rag Blog, 9/28/11) “For more than a decade, two declared wars have raged in Iraq and Afghanistan. War has traumatized civilian populations there and sent thousands of service members home suffering from trauma. With no end in sight to the wars, these servicemen and women face redeployment despite diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).” Read more

Ex-soldier shares his steps to gain CO status by Amanda Kim Stairrett. (Killeen Daily Herald, 7/30/11) “Spc. Kyle Wesolowski was in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team when he began to develop beliefs he harbored since high school.” View more

Detection of Blast-Related Traumatic Brain Injury in U.S. Military Personnel. (New England Journal of Medicine, 6/2/11) “ Blast-related traumatic brain injuries have been common in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but fundamental questions about the nature of these injuries remain unanswered.” Read more

Activists build watchtower By Anthony Scott. (Fort Hood Herald, 5/31/11) “ Six veterans with Iraq Veterans Against the War and Under the Hood Soldier Outreach Center and Café marched up to reception desk of III Corps headquarters.” Read more

Children of deployed service members have increased rates of psychiatric hospitalization by Shari Roan, (Los Angeles Times, 5/17/11) “…little formal research has been directed at how children of deployed service members fare.” View more

More Than Half of Recent War Vets Treated by VA Are Struggling With Mental Health Problems by Joaquin Sapien. (ProPublica, 5/11/11) “Nearly 18,000 new patients were treated for mental health issues at VA facilities in the last three months of last year.” View more

New Survey: Few Troops Exposed to Bomb Blasts Are Screened For Concussion by T. Christian Miller, ProPublica, and Daniel Zwerdling, NPR. (5/10/11) “Medical officials failed to screen about 80 percent of soldiers and Marines who reported being within 50 meters of a roadside blast during their tour of duty.” View more

Standing Down by Dan Solomon. (The Texas Observer, 2/24/11) “A soldier can follow his conscience and refuse to fight, but his real struggle is just beginning.” View more

After Months of Waiting, Fort Hood Soldier Is Finally Acknowledged As a Conscientious Objector. (News release, 2/18/11) “Several months after returning from a combat tour in Iraq, Fort Hood soldier SPC Kyle Wesolowski submitted an application for a conscientious objector discharge based on his Buddhist faith.” View more

Army efforts don’t stem Fort Hood suicides by Gregg Zoroya. (USA Today, 1/6/11) “The Army’s largest post saw a record-high number of soldiers kill themselves in 2010 despite a mental health effort aimed at reversing the trend.” View more

Silent protest by Andy Ross. (Killeen Daily Herald, 12/18/10) “Holding banners and signs promoting peace, a group of faith-based, anti-war protesters demonstrated outside Fort Hood Saturday morning.” View more

Rally for Peace by Amanda Kim Stairrett. (Killeen Daily Herald, 10/31/2010) “Peace activists gathered in Killeen Monday morning to speak out against U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The event, which was hosted at Killeen’s Under the Hood Café, focused on Iraq and the president’s recent announcement that U.S. combat operations ended there today.” Read more

Military Suicides, PTSD at All-Time High by Jim Turpin. (The Rag Blog, 10/27/10) “With the population at Fort Hood ranging from 46,000 to 50,000 soldiers at any given time, the rate of suicide is four times the national average, based on Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates of 11.5 suicides per 100,000 people.” View more

Fort Hood soldiers say they are not getting the help they need. (, 10/25/10) View more

Buddhist Conscientious Objector Faces Persecution at Fort Hood. (News Release, 9/21/10) “Several months after returning from a combat tour in Iraq, Fort Hood soldier SPC Kyle Wesolowski submitted an application for a conscientious objector discharge based on his Buddhist faith.” View more

Fort Hood soldier suicides at record level. (, 9/20/10) “The end of Spc. Armando G. Aguilar’s life was ironic, and tragic, after a year of searching for hidden bombs in Iraq with Fort Hood’s 87th Sapper Company.” View more

Redeployment to Iraq Continues, but Not Without a Fight. (truthout, 9/8/10) “Despite the president’s pledge to end the war in Iraq within the month, one regiment awaits its redeployment and inspires a call to action.” View more

August 30, 2010, Under the Hood, Killeen, Texas. A press conference highlighted the Iraq debacle – its impact on US. soldiers, Iraqis, and funding to meet domestic needs. Dahlia Wasfi, Iraqi-American doctor and Rep. Lon Burnam from Fort Worth, Texas joined representatives from many groups including Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, CodePink and Texas Labor Against the War.

August 29, 2010, Texas State Employees Union Hall. Austin, Texas. Iraqi-American doctor, Dahlia Wasfi spoke about the U.S. Policy in Iraq: A Humanitarian Catastrophe. This event was co-sponsored by Texas Labor Against the War and CodePink Austin.

Anti-war groups call for full troop withdrawal in Iraq. (News8Austin, 8/30/2010) “The day before President Barack Obama is scheduled to address the nation about the changing mission in Iraq, members of several anti-war groups gathered in Killeen with their own message.” Watch video

Protesters Block Fort Hood Troop Deployment. (The Rag Blog, 8/23/10) “Under darkness at about 4 a.m. this morning, buses carrying the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment (3rd ACR) to planes were stopped by a group of five protesters that included two Iraq veterans, one Afghanistan veteran, and one military spouse whose husband had been deployed to Iraq three times.” Read more

Protesters briefly block Fort Hood convoy. (Austin American-Statesman, 8/23/10) “Peace activists briefly stopped buses carrying Fort Hood soldiers shortly before 4 a.m. Monday outside the post’s Clarke Road gate.” View more

Activists protest war outside post by Amanda Kim Stairrett. (Killeen Daily Herald, 7/8/2010) “In conjunction with the sixth annual Iraq Veterans Against the War convention in Austin, Killeen’s Under the Hood Café…”

Army wives speak out for husbands with PTSD. (Temple Daily Telegram, 6/12/10) “Three Army wives are speaking out and going public protesting their husbands’ pending deployment to Iraq later this year.” View more

Military Neglecting Fort Hood Soldiers’ Medical Needs. (Truthout, 6/9/10) “At least 50 soldiers from Fort Hood who have medical profiles that should prohibit them from military training have been sent to the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, California, regardless of their conditions.” View more

Memorial Day 2010 was a day to remember two friends, Nick Travis III and Lisa Morris, who were mainstays of the Texas peace community. (The Rag Blog, 6/6/10). View more

Eric Jasinski : Treating PTSD With Jail Time. (The Rag Blog, 4/22/10) “Eric Jasinski is being released from the Bell County Jail in Belton, Texas, tomorrow morning, April 24. He will have served 25 days of a 30-day sentence.” View more

Soldier sentenced to jail for failing to deploy to Iraq. (Temple Daily Telegram. 4/1/10) “A Fort Hood soldier who failed to deploy with his unit to Iraq in December 2007 will spend at least 27 days in the Bell County jail.” View more

Protesters demand release of AWOL soldier. (Kileen Daily Herald. 3/31/10) “A crowd gathered outside the Fort Hood East Gate Wednesday evening calling for the release of a soldier arrested after going absent without leave and refusing orders to deploy to Iraq.” View more

Army court martial of Eric Jasinski underway. (Courage to Resist. 3/31/10) “The Summary Court Martial of Army Spc Eric Jasinski is currently underway on Ft. Hood, Texas. After months of negotiations with the command, the Army opted to put Eric on trial after all.” View more

Soldier of Conscience Granted Clemency, Released. ( 3/25/10) “Last August, Travis Bishop refused to serve in Afghanistan. Having filed for Conscientious Objector (CO) status, Bishop, based at Fort Hood, Texas, in the US Army’s 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, was court-martialed and sentenced to 12 months in a military brig. He was released from the brig today.” View more

Afghanistan War Resister Travis Bishop Released From Fort Lewis Brig. (Press release, 3/25/10) “War Resister and conscientious objector Travis Bishop was released from the stockade at Fort Lewis Thursday morning.” View more

Sgt. Travis Bishop, Ft. Hood war resister to get out early. (The Rag Blog, 2/10/10) “Sgt. Travis Bishop has learned that the 12-month sentence he is serving at Fort Lewis will be reduced by three months. Sgt. Bishop was sentenced at Fort Hood near Killeen, Texas, in August 2009 for refusing orders to deploy to Afghanistan.” View more

Former Oleo Strut staffer recalls Howard Zinn visit to Killeen. (The Rag Blog, 2/1/10) “I met many memorable individuals who stopped by the Oleo Strut coffeehouse in Killeen to see for themselves what was going on with the GI antiwar movement..” View more

The War Within. (, 2/5/10) “Out of two million US soldiers who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, psychiatrists estimate that one in three may, at some point, develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).” View more

The Tyranny of Oil bookcover

Antonia Juhasz, author of The Tyranny of Oil: the World’s Most Powerful Industry—And What We Must Do To Stop It visited and spoke @ Under the Hood, December 12.

Peaceful protest. (Killeen Daily Herald. 1/16/10) “Despite chilly wind and rain, anti-war protesters huddled outside Fort Hood’s East Gate for six hours January 16 calling for increased mental health resources for soldiers and veterans.” View more

Afghanistan War: Peace groups urge end. (, 11/30/09) “Protesters marched outside U.S. Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, in protest against sending more soldiers into war-torn Afgahnistan.” View more

Military Stress. (NBC Nightly News, 11/13/09) “Some pretty frightening new numbers are out tonight on the toll that these dual wars are taking on American troops…” View more


Warrior Writers held at
Under the Hood Cafe on Veteran’s Day.

In War There Are No Unwounded Soldiers. (The New York Times. 11/12/09) “Long before Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan gunned down dozens of soldiers in Fort Hood, Tex., Cynthia Thomas had warned of the dangers of combat stress.” Read more

Small crowd has vigil for shooting victims. (Killeen Daily Herald. 11/12/09) “One by one, a veteran set a white candle in front of Fort Hood’s East Gate Wednesday night in remembrance of the 13 people killed during the mass shooting on post one week ago.” Read more

Special Delivery: Ft. Hood GI Gives Letter to Obama. (The Rag Blog. 11/11/09) “President Obama visited Fort Hood today. He dropped by Michael Kern’s barracks. Michael handed President Obama a letter, saying, ‘Sir, IVAW has some concerns we’d like for you to address.’” Read more

(Press release, 11/10/09) “In wake of disaster, Obama snubs Fort Hood soldier with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).” View more

At Army Base, Some Violence Is Too Familiar. (The New York Times. 11/9/09) “Staff Sgt. Gilberto Mota, 35, and his wife, Diana, 30, an Army specialist, had returned to Fort Hood from Iraq last year when he used his gun to kill her, and then took his own life, the authorities say.” Read more

Grief and pain in Fort Hood after bitter betrayal of mass shooting. (The Observer, UK. 11/8/09) “Private Marquest Smith thought the first sounds of gunfire sounded like popcorn being cooked. It was only when people started to scream that he realised what was going on.” Read more

Troops’ mental health in spotlight. (Al Jazeera. 11/7/09) “After an army psychiatrist killed 13 people at a US military base in Texas, concerns are being raised about the mental health of the military staff.” Read more

Joint Statement from Under the Hood Café and the Fort Hood Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War. ( 11/6/09) “Our community is distraught by the tragic shooting at Fort Hood yesterday. We extend our condolences to the families and friends of the victims.” Read more

Military experts discuss the attack at Fort Hood. (The Washington Post. 11/6/09) “War is violent, of course. In Iraq’s “triangle of death” in 2006, I stepped on an improvised explosive device and lost my arm and my leg.” Read more

Here’s to the Soldiers of Fort Hood. (The Rag Blog. 11/6/09) “A call from Seattle alerted me to the shootings at Fort Hood. I called friends at Under the Hood Coffeehouse in Killeen and left messages. Then I drove by Monkeywrench Books to see if Bobby (an antiwar ex-Marine) knew about our mutual friends. Bobby was keeping up through Facebook.” Read more

Ft. Hood Shootings Reflect Problems in U.S. Military. (The Rag Blog. 11/5/09) “At approximately 1:30 p.m. CST today, a soldier went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, killing 11 people and wounding at least 31…” Read more

Follow links to articles about Victor Agosto and Travis Bishop.

War objector gets out of jail. (Killeen Daily Herald. 8/30/09) “A Fort Hood soldier who was arrested for refusing orders to deploy to Afghanistan was released from jail Saturday.” Read more

Anti-war cafe opens in the shadow of Fort Hood. (Austin American-Statesman, 8/15/09) “Off-post, soldiers can let down their guard and open up about the war at Under the Hood cafe.” Read more

Another Soldier Refuses Afghanistan Deployment. ( 8/12/09) “Sgt. Travis Bishop, who served 14 months in Baghdad with the 3rd Signal Brigade, faces a court-martial this Friday for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan.” Read more

Agosto pleaded guilty to charges during court-martial. (Killeen Daily Herald. 8/6/09) “A Fort Hood soldier who believes the war in Afghanistan is “immoral and unjust” was sentenced to a month in jail and stripped of his Army rank Wednesday for refusing orders to deploy to Afghanistan.” Read more

Injured Hearts, Injured Minds. (The Texas Observer. 8/7/09) “In March, Army Spc. Michael Kern, 22, returned to Fort Hood after a year and a day in Iraq. Shaken by his experience and disgusted with the war, Kern, a native of Riverside, California, tried to readjust by getting as hammered as possible.” Read more

The Summary Court Martial of SPC Victor Agosto. (The Rag Blog. 8/7/09) “In an unscripted emotional moment after the sentence was read, Victor Agosto ripped his rank off his uniform and put it in front of the Captain.” Read more

Soldier Who Didn’t Obey Is Jailed. (New York Times 8/5/09) “A soldier at Fort Hood who fought his deployment to Afghanistan and stopped obeying orders was sentenced to a month in jail and demoted to private in a military court on Wednesday morning.” Read more

Soldier of Conscience to be court-martialed, SPC Victor Agosto refuses deployment and faces incarceration from Army. ( 8/3/09) “A victim of the highly unpopular stop/loss policy, SPC Agosto, whose contract was over at the end of June, was told that his next assignment would be deployment to Afghanistan.” Read more

Cafe gives some Fort Hood soldiers the help they need. (News8Austin. 7/28/09) “Under the Hood Outreach and Cafe is a place where soldiers can speak freely about whatever they want, according to managers of the café.” Read more

Thanks to The Melancholy Ramblers who provided music for a successful benefit show for Under the Hood on Sunday, July 26 @ New World Deli, Austin, TX.

Christians for Peace hold march, prayer vigil. (Killeen Daily Herald. 7/19/09) “A group of 22 men, women and children gathered at the Under the Hood Café Saturday morning for the Christians for Peace silent march and prayer vigil to protest the war. Participants were reverent yet committed to their cause.” Read more

Fort Hood Soldier Refuses Deployment to Afghanistan. (New American Media. 7/17/09) An interview with Victor Agosto. Read more

Afghanistan War Resister to “Put the War on Trial” ( 7/14/09) “US Army Specialist Victor Agosto served a 13-month deployment in Iraq with the 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion. ‘What I did there, I know I contributed to death and human suffering,’ Agosto told Truthout from Fort Hood, in Killeen, Texas.” Read more

Anti-war protesters exercise freedom to march. (Killeen Daily Herald. 5/26/09) “Get up. Get down. There’s an anti-war movement in this town.” Read more

“There’s No Way I’m Going to Deploy to Afghanistan”. ( 5/26/09) “‘It’s a matter of what I’m willing to live with,’ Specialist Victor Agosto of the U.S. Army, who is refusing orders to deploy to Afghanistan, explained to IPS. “I’m not willing to participate in this occupation, knowing it is completely wrong.”” Read more

Anti-War Memorial Day at Texas’ Fort Hood. (The Rag Blog. 5/26/09) “Killeen, Texas is nestled up to Fort Hood, the largest military base in North America, where soldiers are on a rapid deployment schedule to Afghanistan. On Memorial Day, I joined about 70 people at Under the Hood Café on College Street in Killeen for a peace march led by active duty soldiers.” Read more

Refusing to go to Afghanistan. (Socialist Worker. 5/26/09) “Although it read like the first line of a novel, everyone knew the Facebook post was nothing less than Army Spc. Victor Agosto’s declaration of independence. His friends at Under the Hood, an antiwar coffeehouse for soldiers in Killeen, Texas, knew what the sentence meant: Victor was going to refuse to deploy to Afghanistan.” Read more

Memorial Day Moments at Ft. Hood. (Dallas Dreamer. 5/26/09) “A big shout out to Yvette Richardson, her daughter Alicia, and Nel LaBar of Code Pink-FW and Peaceful Vocations (an informed enlistment campaign) for taking me along for the ride down to Fort Hood. It was truly a treat!” Read more

Coffee with the troops. ( 5/25/09) “Today is Memorial Day and the nation is celebrating and commemorating all that our troops have done for us. President Obama is paying his tribute at Arlington National Cemetery, neighborhoods around the country are lined with patriotism via American flags on mailboxes that will stay up post-independence day, and parades for the troops are held all over– but what exactly are we celebrating? Documentarians Sarah Garrahan and Lauren Sanders of UT went to Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas to find out.” Read more

The Pressure of an Expanding War. ( 5/21/09) “Yes, Stanley McChrystal is the general from the dark side (and proud of it). So the recent sacking of Afghan commander General David McKiernan after less than a year in the field and McChrystal’s appointment as the man to run the Afghan War seems to signal that the Obama administration is going for broke. It’s heading straight into what, in the Vietnam era, was known as ‘the big muddy.’” Read more

How Long Does It Take?. (CounterPunch, 5/22/09) “How long does it take a mild-mannered, antiwar, black professor of constitutional law, trained as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, to become an enthusiastic sponsor of targeted assassinations, ‘decapitation’ strategies and remote-control bombing of mud houses the far end of the globe?” Read more

Ft. Hood GI Travis Bishop : ‘Why I Won’t Go’. (The Rag Blog, 5/20/09) “Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why am I resisting? Refusing? It wasn’t so long ago that I deployed to Iraq in support of the war on terror. I didn’t refuse then. Like a good Soldier, I did what I was told, and I spent 14 months stationed in Baghdad.” Read more

GI Victor Agosto : ‘There is No Way I Will Deploy to Afghanistan’. (The Rag Blog, 5/7/09) “In a photo taken at Under the Hood Café in Killeen, Texas, Victor Agosto stands soldier tall, flanked by two older women peace activists from Fort Worth. Victor doesn’t talk a lot, but when he does he reveals a resolve and intelligence that seems far older than his 23 years.” Read more | español (Madres Contra la Guerra)

Read the OLC torture memos here. (, 4/16/09) “On Thursday afternoon, the Department of Justice released four memos produced by its Office of Legal Counsel during the Bush administration, all of which provide justification for CIA interrogation methods, some of which — like waterboarding — constitute torture.” Read more

County cuts out of KBR deal. (Newstreamz San Marcos, 4/8/09) “Under pressure from Hays County residents for the past two weeks, county commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to reverse a decision they made in February to award KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) an engineering design services contract worth more than $600,000.” Read more

Entrevista a Cynthia Thomas (Univision, 3/25/09) “Esposa de soldado denuncia mayor atención para quienes regresan de la guerra.” part one | part two

Karin Fleming, Shot From the Front Lines: One soldier documents his experiences (Buzzsaw, 3/1/09) “The soldier pokes through a fire pit, pointing out the remains of the person whose body was burned there.” Read more

William Astore, Whose Military Is It Anyway? (, 2/15/09) “According to the New York Times, suicides in the U.S. Army this January alone could total as many as 24.” Read more

New café a refuge for dissent (Killeen Daily Herald, 1/6/09). “As an Army wife of 17 years, Cindy Thomas struggled through her husband’s three deployments to Iraq.” Read more

Winter Soldier Hearings in Austin, Texas. 1-5 pm, Saturday, February 28, 2009; Central Presbyterian Church, 200 East 8th St. (Brazos & 8th). Read more

Iraq vet says he won’t return (Gazette-Times, 11/11/08). “After two deployments, Marine doesn’t want to go back, could face jail.” Read more

This Veterans Day, U.S. Soldiers Say ‘Stop the War’ (AlterNet, 11/11/08). “An open letter from war resisters calls for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Read more

The Dangerous Consequences of Recruiting Nazis to Serve in Iraq (Unity News, 11/1/08). “The U.S. military appears to be teaching a skinhead with genocide on his mind how to become a tactical bomb maker.” Read more

Extended war tours likely to continue (USA Today, 10/26/08). “The Army’s use of involuntary extensions of combat duty will likely continue through 2009 despite pledges earlier this year by top military officials to reduce reliance on the policy known as stop loss.” Read more

A closer look at military suicides (Tuscaloosa News, 10/30/08). “An article in today’s New York Times that was on its Web site yesterday says that the U.S. Army and the National Institute of Mental Health are collaborating in a five-year project to identify the causes and risk factors of suicide.” Read more

Army recruiters threaten high school students (Kvue, 7/28/08). “HOUSTON — With a war in Iraq and fighting on the rise in Afghanistan, the struggle to bring in new U.S. Army recruits is heating up again.” Read more

Iraq sees hope of US troop withdrawal by 2010 (AP, 7/21/08). “Iraq’s government welcomed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday with word that it apparently shares his hope that U.S. combat forces could leave by 2010.” Read more

Jail inmates hear from armed forces recruiter (Newport News Times, 7/16/08). “The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office paired with the Newport-based Army recruiter on Saturday July 12, in an effort to convey information to jail inmates about the possibility of serving in the U.S. armed forces.” Read more

Army criticizes itself in Iraq invasion report (CNN, 6/30/08). “The U.S. Army’s official history of the Iraq war shows military chiefs made mistake after mistake in the early months of the conflict.” Read more

Was Press a War ‘Enabler’? 2 Offer a Nod From Inside (NYTimes, 5/30/08). “In his new memoir, “What Happened,” Scott McClellan, the former White House press secretary, said the national news media neglected their watchdog role in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, calling reporters “complicit enablers” of the Bush administration’s push for war.” Read more

U.S. Army’s ‘stop-loss’ orders up dramatically over last year (LA Times, 5/9/08). “The number of soldiers forced to remain in the Army involuntarily under the military’s controversial “stop-loss” program has risen sharply since the Pentagon extended combat tours last year, officials said Thursday.”